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Coal Washery Project

Application:Tailing pump
Pump Configuration:EVHM-4RV, EGM-6S

Project Description
With about 57.5 billion tons of coal reserve (industrial economic reserves of 39.7 billion tons), Australia's coal production and export are sixth in the world, following the United States, Russia, China, India and South Africa. And its coal is of high quality with high calorific value, low sulfur, nitrogen content and low ash.

1. Vertical pump
Flow: 100l/s  Head: 55m
2. Horizontal pump
Flow: 150l/s   Head: 75m
Excellence engineer has provided the several pump models most suitable for the application according to site working conditions.
Pump model:
Vertical pump: EVHM-4RV (The packing seal was added and the submersible length was 1.2m.)
Horizontal pump: EGM-6S

The customer is very satisfied with the solution, and gives us positive feedback. They have sent us the site picture as reference. The pumps have been smoothly running  for 3 years.
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