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North America Coal Washery Project

Application:Coal Washing
Pump Configuration:The Whole Project

Project Description
Coal is the most abundant fossil fuels in the world, and it is widely used in many applications such as power plant, industry as well as daily life. The world's proven coal reserves are about 1 trillion tons, which distributed in more than 70 countries with over 50 countries mining coal.
The central North America district is rich in coal resources, where located the Excellence project. Since the beginning of 2012, Excellence has been providing a wide range of slurry pump solutions and pump parts for the North American coal washeries.
Q (Quantity of flow): 425gpm;
H (Head): 35.89m;              
SG (Slurry gravity): 1.056;
Solid: 595 microns;
Cw (Weight concentration): 16%;


Excellence engineers selected the optimal slurry pump solution according to the parameter and working site. Below is one of the pump solutions:
Pump type: EHM-2C,
Motor power: 11 kW,
Drive mode: CV,
Attachment: all-dimension protective shield meet the standard of North America safety protection.
The general manger Cynthia Wang, together with regional manager Cola Huang, went to North America to visit the client in October, 2013 to know the slurry pump running condition. They also helped the clients to eliminate possible problems and gave them trainings about slurry pump operation and maintenance.
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