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Copper Concentration Project

Application:The Whole Project
Pump Configuration:EHM-4X,65EZL-30,80EZL-36,50EZ-A33,EHR-4X,

Project Description
Copper is mainly distributed in central Africa, especially in Zambia. Zambia is nicknamed as “the kingdom of copper”, accounting for around 6% of world’s detected copper reserves. Large in reserve, the copper ores in Zambia is also of high grade, and it is the fourth largest copper producer and the copper mining has boosted local economic for a long time. Besides Zambia, Congo is also rich in copper resources. Copper reserve in Congo and Zambia is as high as 22 million tons, accounting for 83% of the total copper reserve in Africa.
We are in charge of the slurry pump solution of a client's newly invested copper concentration project. With years of experience, our client  is in the leading position in mining field. The solution has successfully lived up to the expected daily output is 1000 tons. So far, we have provided 35 pumps and spare parts for one year.

Parameters of some pump application site:
Q=240.73m³/h      H=36m        SG=1.54
Q=40m³/h              H=13m        SG=1.53
Q=125m³/h           H=13.5m     SG=1.18
Q=20.22m³/h        H=18m        SG=1.31
Q=117m³/h           H=14m        SG=1.28
Excellence engineers have come up with the optimal solution in light of parameters, efficiency and maintenance.
Pump Model: EHM-4X (Rubber pump with metal impeller)                                                 Motor Power: 75KW
                         65EZL-30,D=1200mm; (Vertical pump, D refers to submerged depth)                             7.5KW
                         80EZL-36,D=1200mm; (Vertical pump, D refers to submerged depth)                             15KW
                         50EZ-A33                                                                                                                                         7.5KW
                         EHR-4X                                                                                                                                            15KW

Drive type: ZVZ, BD, BD, CRZ, CV
In the consideration of coming project initiation date, we advanced our delivery date to spare enough time for client to arrange production schedule. In addition, Excellence engineer went to Africa to give installation guidance in accordance with contract.
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