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Iron Ore Processing

Application:Iron Ore Processing
Pump Configuration:The Whole Project

Project Description
Africa is becoming another major iron ore producing area in the world with over 20 iron ore mining projects. If all the iron ore project can put into production, the western Africa production can account for 63% of the world’s iron ore output. As the fourth largest iron ore exporting country following Australia, Brazil, and India, South Africa used to be regarded as the largest iron ore reserve country in Africa and its iron ores are of high grade over 60%. However, Guinea and Nimba rank first in Africa with over 7 billion tons of iron ores.

Among many competitive suppliers, Excellence stands out with high quality products and scientific slurry pump solution. We are selected to provide slurry pump for the EPC project taken by a European design company.

Some Parameters:
Q: 200m³/h  H: 25m   SG: 1.56
Q: 100m³/h  H: 15m   SG: 1.15
Q: 50m³/h   H: 45m   SG: 1.48
pH: 7.5~8
Max. Particle Size: 6mm
Excellence engineers provided the most suitable solution according to the above parameters:
1. Pump model: EHM-4D  Motor power: 45KW   Drive type: ZVZ;
                              EHM-3C  Motor power: 11KW   Drive type: CV;
                              EHM-2C  Motor power: 22KW   Drive type: ZVZ;
2. Installation: positive suction
3. Pump configuration: pump with one backup
Pre-sales Service
The slurry pump has been shipped to the customer working site in November, 2013. Our engineer will be sent abroad to give on-site installation instructions.
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