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Iron Ore Processing Project

Application:Transfer pump, tailing pump, feed pump
Pump Configuration:EHM-4D

Project Description
The slurry delivery solution was designed and completed by Excellence Pump. In this project, the ore would be first transported to working site. After mixing the ore with water, the mixture would be transported by excellence pump to magnetic separator for wet concentration. Below is one of the iron ore processing projects undertaken by Excellence in a Southeast country.

We have detailed communication with our customer concerning their requirements and site conditions.
Analysis and confirmation of parameters
Capacity: 180m³/h
Head: 7m
Slurry specific gravity: 1.4
Concentration by weight: 40%
Excellence has selected suitable pump models according to customer's demand.
Pump selection:EHM-4D
Motor selection:Y200L2-6 22 kW
It was the first time that the client invested in mineral industry. Therefore, there were some problems in the application due to inexperience in preparing and management. Excellence engineer was sent to the project working site to remove problems at the request of client. He successfully found that the problem lay in the oversight of suction lift. The project now is running smoothly after the client installed the pump under the direction of engineer. They are very satisfied with our product and service. Now, we are working together on another project.
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