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Steel Mill Project

Application:Steel Plant
Pump Configuration:EVM-250T

Project Description
Considering the high temperature and wide pH range of slurry in this project, Excellence engineers designed the pump with chloroprene rubber adhesive liner and sealing ring, while the impeller is made of anti-abrasive alloy KmTBCr28. In addition, the pump impeller was cut to 540mm to meet the direct connection requirement after careful calculation of Excellence engineers as well as simulation of CFD. 

Q (Quantity of flow): 800m³/h;
H (Head): 21m;             
Rotating speed: 740 rpm
Impeller diameter: 540 mm (after cutting)
Slurry temperature: 70℃
pH: 2-8
Excellence engineers selected the optimal slurry pump solution according to the parameter and working site.
Pump selection: two sets running EVM-250T (slurry circulating pump) with one backup
Excellence technicians went to visit the client and check the EVM-250T sump pump running status in June, 2014, which is one month after installation. No abnormal data are found in the pump operating temperature and vibration tests. They give some suggestions to clients according to site working condition.

The picture below is Excellence engineer visiting the working site:

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