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Iron Ore Processing

Application:Transfer pump, Cyclone feed pump
Pump Configuration:EVR-150S

Project Description
This project was first proposed in 2012 and officially put into work in Sep, 2013, the slurry pump solution for the whole project was provided by Excellence in January.  Four pumps was shipped to working site in March.  In 2014 the project  phrase two, Excellence will still in charge of slurry pump solution.

Phase One Parameters: 
Pump Application: Transfer pump, Cyclone feed pump
Q(Capacity): 300m3/h
H(Head): 30m
Cw(Weight concentration): 25%
Particle size: 0.074mm
Excellence engineers has selected the suitable pumps according to parameters:
1. Pump model: EVR-150S
2. Motor selection: 90kW
3. Variable frequency counter: 110kW
4. Shaft submerged depth: 1.5m
5. Pump configuration: two pumps with two backups
6. Delivery: 30 days
  Variable frequency counter Ready for shippment

Excellence is devoted to serving our clients with sincerity. Excellence engineers went to working site for installation guidance and pump trial run in April, 2013. Four months later, our project manager visited the working site and the pumps had superb performance during the trial run period. The project is now officially in operation.
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