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EV Slurry Pump
Capacity:to 3060 m³/h
Head:to 68 m
Liner Material:Metal/Rubber
Pump Type:Vertical
EV series sump pumps distinct themselves from traditional sump pumps in its great capacity, high head and high efficiency. Based on Excellence horizontal pumps, EV series can be adapted to nearly any requirement of customers.
EVR Slurry Pump
Capacity:to 1548 m³/h
Head:to 40 m
Liner Material:Rubber
Pump Type:Vertical
EVR series slurry pumps are also designed to transport slurry in the pool but differ from EVM series in the material of wet parts. EVR series has excellence performance in handling high corrosive slurries without shape edge and lighter in weight.
EVM Slurry Pump
Capacity:to 1548 m³/h
Head:to 40 m
Liner Material:Metal
Pump Type:Vertical
With unique cantilevered design, EVM series sump pumps doesn’t need any seal and seal water. This series of pumps are preferred by many customers with special installation requirements and widely applied in pool. Its wear-resistant metal liner could handle abrasive slurries with rough particles and high concentration.
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