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EV Slurry Pump

1. Compared to traditional sump pumps, EV series sump pumps have superb performance in capacity, head and efficiency.
2. Unique cantilevered design makes EV series work normally even if the suction volume is not enough.
3. Various pump models are available including traditional single-casing pumps as well as pioneering double-casing ones.
4. Don’t need any seal and seal water.

Parameters and Selection
  • Model
    EVHM series
  • Capacity
    to 3060 m³/h
  • Head(TDH)
    to 68 m
  • Allowable Max. Power
    1200 kW
  • Speed
    250-3800 r/min
  • NPSH
    2-10 m
  • Model
    EVHR series
  • Capacity
    to 3060 m³/h
  • Head(TDH)
    to 63 m
  • Allowable Max. Power
    1200 kW
  • Speed
    250-3400 r/min
  • NPSH
    2-12 m
  • Model
    EVS series
  • Capacity
    to 4320 m³/h
  • Head(TDH)
    to 80 m
  • Allowable Max. Power
    1200 kW
  • Speed
    250-1400 r/min
  • NPSH
    1.5-10 m
Application and Reference
Series EV slurry pumps are widely used in the mining, coal washing, power plant, metallurgy, petrochemical, building material, dredging, and other industrial departments, etc.
Typical Application:
  •  Iron Ore Dressing Plant
  • Copper Concentration Plant
  • Gold Mine Concentration Plant
  • Molybdenum Concentration Plant
  • Potash Fertilizer Plant
  • Other Mineral Processing Plants
  • Alumina Industry
  • Coal Washery
  • Power Plant
  • Sand Excavation
  • Building Material Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Other industries
EV Slurry Pump Structure
Series EV pumps include EVHM, EVHR, EVLM, EVZG, EVZ, EVS and so on. The clear water performance for every series of products could refer to EHM, EHR, ELM, EZG, EZ, ES and so on. Their structures are based on the horizontal pumps.

The suction pipe could be added and the pipe length could be selected according to customers’ requirement. In that case, packing seal should be kept and the shaft seal water should be added. The pressure of shaft seal water should be a little higher than that of discharge side.

EV Slurry Pump Structure:

Standard Configuration
If there isn't any specified requirment, Excellence pump provides the following standard  configuration:

  • Shaft seal type:
    Centrifugal seal with packing seal
  • Discharge direction:
  • Connection type:
  • Pump color:
  • Package:
    Fumigation-free wooden packaging
If you want to know more pump standard ,please click here to ask for sales engineer.
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