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Brief Introduction to Mineral Processing Technology
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Mineral Processing, sometimes called ore dressing or mineral dressing, is very significant to the resource utilization. Scientific method would reduce the shipping and handling costs by transporting less the bulk and weight of material, as well as smelting cost by reducing mineral beneficiation process.

Mineral processing refers to separating the valuable minerals from waste gangue and then collecting the valuable ones. In order to release the useful minerals, mining equipments, such as jaw crusher, ball grinder, can make the ore to a certain size that are pure minerals or gangue. Then the minerals are concentrated by taking advantage of either their physical or chemical characteristics. During the concentration process, the most commonly used mining equipments are hydrocyclone, Magnetic separator, etc.
During all the process, slurry pumps are needed to transfer the slurries in the whole project. They work as feed pump, transfer pump, tail pump to connect every process. Different pumps are applied to transfer slurries of various properties. Gravel pump, also known as sand pump, is mainly used to deliver slurries with big particle size or shape edges. Froth pump, in the other hand, is widely used in flotation separation process.

There are lots of complex procedures involved in mineral processing technology, among which includes the use of screens and dewatering of the mineral pulps. We would continue in other passages.

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