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Single and Double Slurry Pump Introduction
time : 2014-02-19 16:41 Come from :Excellence
The slurry pumps are devided into single casing pump and double casing pump. Most slurry pumps are double casing  with the inner case composed of throatbush, volute liner and frame plate liner insert. The outer case of the pump does not contact with the media. Since the wet parts are working under severe conditions, the most commonly seen materials of the pump are interchangeable alloy and rubber. Taking into account the flow properties, the passage of flow are calculated and tested by professional engineers to improve pump performance. By separating the inner and outer casing, pump can have longer service life.

As for single casing slurry pump, it has broad passage, thus the capacity and particle diameters are large than double casing pump. The single casing slurry pumps are usually used for dredging.

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