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EHM Slurry Pump
Capacity:to 3060 m³/h
Head:to 68 m
Liner Material:Metal
Pump Type:Horizontal
Designed for handling strong abrasive and high concentration slurries, EHM series slurry pumps are cantilevered heavy duty slurry pumps with metal liner. With thick wear parts and heavy duty support, EHM series could run in series in the allowable range of pump working pressure. This series have become the first choice of various working conditions and clients from home and abroad think highly of EHM series’ excellent performance.
EHR Slurry Pump
Capacity:to 3060 m³/h
Head:to 63 m
Liner Material:Rubber
Pump Type:Horizontal
EHR series slurry pumps are similar to EHM series in structure. The main difference between EHM and EHR is the material of wet parts, which are natural rubber, chloroprene rubber or other wear-resistant rubbers. EHR are more suitable in delivering strong corrosive or abrasive slurries of small particle size without sharp edges.
EGM Slurry Pump
Capacity:to 1008 m³/h
Head:to 118 m
Liner Material:Metal
Pump Type:Horizontal
EGM series slurry pumps are heavy duty slurry pumps and have outstanding performance in high head applications. This series are suitable for handling low corrosive slurries of various concentrations.
EZG Slurry Pump
Capacity:to 1920 m³/h
Head:to 94.2 m
Liner Material:Metal
Pump Type:Horizontal
According to feedbacks from users at home and abroad, EZG series slurry pumps are a brand-new generation designed to meet the demands of diversified working conditions. Characterized with high efficiency, large capacity and high head, EZG series slurry pumps are becoming increasingly popular among clients.
EZ Slurry Pump
Capacity:to 2333 m³/h
Head:to 133.7 m
Liner Material:Metal
Pump Type:Horizontal
EZ series is a new generation pumps based on modern hydromechanics and mechanics theories. It has a complete range of pump models covering all kinds of working conditions. EZ series has been widely used in many Chinese projects, while more and more overseas customers recognize its superb performance.
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